Read what companies are saying about RMA:

“I have worked with Rowland Mountain on several very high-level sales recruits. Their approach is quite impressive…from a thorough understanding of the recruiting requirements to an in-depth knowledge of our company and culture. In addition to being detailed and persistent, the organized process that they use along with the time they invest to insure the best candidates are presented is unmatched. They are well respected and possess integrity. I would highly recommend RMA for any business looking to partner with a high-powered recruiter willing to take on the toughest challenges.”

“Rowland Mountain has been a valuable contributor to the successful recruiting of highly productive sales people. They take the time to really understand business trends, and work diligently to match the best candidates to the needs of the business. They are creative and provide unique strategies that produce results. With RMA you get an expert that learns your business, places the best candidates before you for review and follows up to ensure the results are there. I highly recommend Rowland Mountain & Associates for any company looking for their next Rainmaker.”

“I have worked with Rowland Mountain several times, and I would not hesitate to recommend them as top- notch recruiters. They are some of the most professional, upbeat, and easy to work with people that I have done business with. They have an incredible depth of knowledge of their industry, and have the keen ability to listen and truly grasp the recruiting objective at hand. They deliver results, while ensuring that the quality element of their work is not overlooked.”

“They go through a very thoughtful process, which was particularly important because of the peculiarity and uniqueness of the quality of people we needed. Rowland Mountain went through a process of not only learning the business of their client, but also learning the personalities of each hiring manager. They developed a wish list for each candidate, which was very individually driven.”

“RMA is great on the front end with screening of candidates and sending me the information I need. They have earned my trust. When they say I should meet with someone, I know they’re not going to waste my time.”

“The very first time we used them, we called with two critical, immediate positions and had both filled in 10 days. That included phone screens by Rowland Mountain, phone and face-to-face interviews by us, and offers and acceptance by the candidates. I would say that is performing under pressure. Oh, and these jobs were in NY and Chicago — not in their back yard.”

“Rowland Mountain was able to get to the inside people to discuss opportunities. These candidates may not have surfaced if it was just something I posted on a job board. The two candidates I hired were obtained specifically due to RMA having a relationship with them and having the inside track to contact them and get them to explore the opportunity.”