Maximize Your Options At All Times

Maximize Your Options At All Times

Russ Mountain, CPC

Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard was from a friend of mine. I was faced with making some choices that were critical to my future. He said, “the wisest choices are the ones that keep the best and most available options open to you for the longest amount of time.”

Nothing is truer than that when it comes to intelligent self career management. Often times, people fail to recognize the traps and poor decisions in their career that can minimize their options in the future. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, long-term with a company or in a specific industry are practically non existent. Therefore, creating and maintaining maximum leverage and marketability for yourself should be your top career priority.

How? The same way anything great is accomplished. By having a well thought out plan and executing it well. Do you have a short, mid and long term career plan? Are you on track? Are you prepared to make the critical decisions and take the actions necessary to maximize the leverage and marketability of your skills and experiences?

Speak with your Rowland Mountain associate for more details on how you can stay on top of your career plan, maintaining an optimum position for yourself now and in the years to come.