Q: I am interested in finding a new job. What is the best way to contact you?
A: The best way is to send us your resume. Either email it to mail@rmasales.com or fax it to 404-321-1842. Your resume will be reviewed by one of our recruiters and kept on file in our database. If we have further questions about your background, we will contact you.

Q: I’ve sent in my resume, but I never heard from anyone. Can I talk with a recruiter?
A: Sure you can. If you’ve already sent in your resume, let our receptionist know. We will then look up whom your resume was routed to so that you can talk with the correct person.

Q: Can I stop by your office and talk with a recruiter in person?
A: All interviews are scheduled by appointment only. Please call and talk with a recruiter first.

Q: Who pays for your services?
A: All of our fees are paid by the company who is doing the hiring. There is no cost to you, the candidate. In return for our services, we usually ask a few things from you:(1) complete openness and honesty when talking with us; (2) immediate feedback when meeting with one of our clients; (3) decisiveness when an job offer is presented; and, (4) good qualified referrals to your friends.

Q: My recruiter asked me to come in for an interview. What can I expect?
A: We usually try to accomplish a few things in our interviews. First of all, we want to thoroughly review your background. We want to learn about your skills and talents and to discover what has made you successful thus far in your career. Secondly, we learn about your thoughts and desires for the next step in your career. We will talk with you about your preferences for income, overnight travel, relocation, corporate culture, job functions, etc. Finally, we will come up with a plan on the best way for us to work together in the future.

Q: What can I do to prepare for my interview with my recruiter at Rowland Mountain & Associates?
A: Before your meeting, sit down with someone who knows you well and talk with them about your next step in your career. You’ll want to do this with your spouse, significant other, colleague, or good friend. Talk seriously about where you see yourself in your next job and discuss topics like desired responsibilities, income, travel and relocation. It’s better to think through these decisions before you begin to interview. You may also want to talk about your strengths and what you like and dislike about your current job. Secondly, update your resume. Finally, dress for this meeting like you would for a first interview with an actual hiring company.

Q: I met with my recruiter. What’s next?
A: The first thing your recruiter does is to create a profile for you in our database. It contains information about your background as well as what you are looking for in your next company and position. Then, we look for opportunities which would be a good fit for you. We may have some immediate opportunities, or we might be a better resource for you in the future. If we have a job that we think you might be interested in, we will call and present the position to you. You can either express interest or decline interest in the opportunity. If you want to move forward, we will present your background to the hiring manager and work on establishing a meeting. We will then work with you throughout the entire interview process. We will help prepare you for each interview and get your thoughts/questions/concerns after each interview. We keep in close touch all the way through to offer, acceptance, resignation and transition into the new position.

Q: Should I call my recruiter to check in with them?
A: Please call us if(1) any of your information has changed or if (2) you are involved in an interview process with us. If not, there is no need to check in with us on a regular basis. In order for us to do what we do and to find good opportunities for you, routine calls aren’t necessary. Trust us, you’ll thank us for working hard on more important things.

Q: If the job market is so good, why haven’t I heard back from my recruiter more quickly?
A: When hiring managers use our services, they usually look for candidates with specific criteria in their background (i.e. software companies seek sales reps with software experience). Until we have a client who needs someone of your background, we may not be able to call you as quickly as we both would like.

Q: What types of clients do you have?
A: Our client list includes the most dynamic and opportunity filled corporations in the world. We work with companies that vary from pre-IPO to the top 10 Fortune companies … from business services to hi tech… from conservative to laid back… At any given point in time, we typically have from 100-150 open jobs that we are trying to fill for our clients nationwide.

Q: What types of jobs are these?
A: All of our jobs are related to either sales or marketing. All of them are in business to business sales with professional companies that we have pre-screened. Approximately 10% of our opportunities are entry-level sales job, and about 15% are director level to V.P of Sales. The remaining 75% of our opportunities are sales and marketing positions that fall somewhere in the middle. The titles of our placements include: Account Executive, Account Manager, Sales Representative, Business Development Manager, Major Account Rep, National Account Rep, Sales Manager, District Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Director of Sales, VP of Sales & Marketing, EVP, etc.. On the marketing side, we place Marketing Managers, Product Mangers, Marketing Communication Professionals, Industry Managers, Market Development Managers, Directors of Marketing, etc.

Q: Will you be sending my resume out to different companies without my authorization?
A: NO! Our meeting will be held in the strictest of confidence as well as your resume. Your permission will be necessary for us to forward your information to our clients. All recruiters at RMA will have access to your resume so be prepared to be contacted by anyone at Rowland Mountain; however, the recruiter you met with initially will remain your main contact at RMA. This will allow you to have potential access to all positions that we are currently filling.