Building a Professional Resume

Building a Professional Resume

Telephone Number
E-mail address

Objective or Professional Summary

Entry level applicants should write an objective that is specific to the position for which they are applying (i.e. sales, marketing, account management, etc.)

Experienced professionals may write a brief summary that highlights relevant qualifications and experience. Do not include any documented successes in this section.

Professional Experience

Company Name
Dates of employment (mo/yr)
Your Title

Brief description of company if needed for clarity. May include information on company size, product or service offering, industry specifics.

  • Use the bullet format to focus on your documented successes.
  • Use active verb phrases, such as: responsible for, awarded, created, etc.
  • Choose ranking and percentages rather than dollar figures to quantify success.
  • If you are unsure whether to include certain information, leave it out.

Repeat this format chronologically for all previous employment beginning with your most recent employer. For past employment that is less relevant, use fewer bullets.


School Name
Date of graduation

  • Recent college graduates may include additional information.
  • For example: tuition responsibility, awards and honors, organizational affiliations, etc.
  • Include GPA if 3.0 or higher.

List additional degrees or educational experience in the same format beginning with the most recent or highest degree.

Other Relevant Information

(Choose a title for this section that corresponds with the information.)
If appropriate, include such items as professional licenses, technical/business training, computer proficiencies, etc. in a list format.

End with: Excellent references available upon request